Garage Overhauling

Your garage door is probably a part of your home witch you don’t give much thought to until something goes wrong.
If you are looking for garage door services, HLBS, Inc is just the right place for you to be! We will service any type of garage door problem you have.

No job is too big or small for our expert garage door repair professionals
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- Entry Doors.
- Garage Remodeling.
- Driveway.
- Repair ,service and new install All types of gates and gate openers
- Fences & Railings
- Repair & Install: Intercoms & Security Entrance Systems.
- Repair ,service and new install Garage Doors, residential / commercial.

We are pleased to offer you the best advice on how to maintain your garage door and prevent costly repairs to it; how to paint them right; correctly lubricating it and any other special protective care that it might need.


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With thousands of options to choose from, selecting a garage door can be overwhelming; HLBS, Inc makes it simple with three easy steps to choosing the best garage door for your needs:

1. Select the garage door that best fits your home HLBS, Inc offers style that runs from traditional to carriage house or contemporary.
-  Traditional doors typically have short or long raised panels.
-  Carriage house doors replicate a look from years gone by. They look like they swing open but they actually open by going up and going over your car.
-  Contemporary garage doors feature stunning aluminum and glass looks to complement simple clean lines of a modern home.

2.  Pick the construction material in your garage door
-  Steel is the most popular material due to its low maintenance and a variety of pre-painted colors. With steel garage doors having natural worth and beauty, homeowners can paint them to coordinate with other elements in their home.
- Composite garage doors are environment friendly and do not rust. The doors can also be painted or stained to match your home
- Aluminum doors are rust resistant and offer a modern contemporary look.

3.  Determine the insulation needs of your garage door
Insulation improves energy efficiency for your garage from hot and cold weather insulated doors also provide noise reduction for quiet operation

At HLBS, Inc we guarantee you the fastest and high quality services with the most affordable price for all your garage door needs.

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